Plants that tell a tale in stitch. Studies of the use of plant and floral in traditional Welsh textiles used in quilts and home textiles. Drawing wild plants in stitch and cloth as with pencil and paper, capturing the flower lines, movement and rhythm of living in the hedgerows, woods and in the garden.

Many plant and flowers are connected to healing and folklore tales as with the Healers of Myddfai and in the books of The Mabinogion. Some have a long histroical connection with the church, such as the wild flowers which carry the name of The Virgin Mary in their Welsh names long after the reformation. e.g Mantell Mair, Gwniadur Mair, Chwys Mair and Aur Mair.

The important symbolism of the fruits and sweet smelling plants and trees to be found in The Songs of Solomon such as the Pomegranate, and their significance to the faiths and cultures of te East and in own.

These themes are explored in my tapestries, quilts, images and design for fabrics.