Patagonia Blanket


Patagonia Blanket


Patagonia Welsh Blanket called Cysgodion Y Paith. Designed inspired by the shadows of the prairie in Patagonia Y Wladfa.

Woven into the traditional Welsh double cloth.

Finished with a blanket stitch.

Undyed and unbleached yarn. In its natural state and colour.

100% wool. 60 by 90 inches.

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Cysgodion Y Paith - Shadows of the Prairie

Between Trelew and Esquel travelling across the prairie on a bright sunny day with a stark blue sky, the rows of tall plane trees and black legged willows cast their defined shadows on to the dirt tracks, creating rhythms of patterns disappearing to the vanishing point.

The shadows of the man made fences suspended along the bounderies of the farms, cutting into the round shapes of the rows of hay bales, also add to the shadow patterns cast on to the dry soil by the bright sun.

These rhythms and shadows are captured in strong contrasting, defined geometric designs woven in natural black and white wool.

The Patagonia ' Cysgodion Y Paith' collection of Welsh tapestry blankets and throws echos the skill of the Mapuche people to interpret their environment and landscape in woven line, shape and pattern a fusion of two traditions in weaving wool.