Born and raised in the slate quarry village of Bethesda, North Wales he graduated from Manchester with a BA (hons) in woven textiles then an MA in textiles from the Royal College of Art.

Leaving London in the late 1980’s he became the first weaver in residence at Paradise Mill Silk Museum in Macclesfield, this gave him the opportunity to develop his original range of fine hand woven silk fabrics. Since then he has been designing jacquard woven fabrics and quality interior products including his range of Welsh tapestry blankets, quilts, throws and cushions. His clients have included large organisations as well as individuals that have commissioned bespoke designs all woven in natural fibres.

His designs are created to suit any setting from a castle to a room and respond to the clients brief but also taking into account his own cultural background giving the designs a distinctive Welsh appeal but with a contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional. From his studio shop at Ruthin Craft Centre he also stocks a variety of curtain and upholstery fabrics as well as products including blankets, throws, cushions and his new range of ceramics.

In recent years his range has developed and grown, the focus of his new collection of textiles relates to the use and combination of floral images and strong geometric pattern frequently see in Pompeii and Ephesus which are woven in exciting vibrant colours.