New Exhibition until 7th October 2017

Cysgodion y Paith: Patagonia - an exhibition by Cefyn Burgess in Storiel, Bangor until 7th October 2017

The word Perthyn is the Welsh word for 'to be related'.  People related to each other in two countries with shared roots, history and culture, and in the land that they share with others, integrated and interwoven over the last hundred and fifty years.  It is this 'perthyn' of shared identities that makes Patagonia such a special place.

This body of work is made of images of special moments captured on my visit there.  The charm and lonliness of the chapels on a day trip in the car with Luned Gonzales.  The welcome of the Mapuche people to their weave workshops and the craft skills at the Escuela Municipal de Artesanias, and the sweet smell of lanolin at the wool factory with Billy Hughesin Trelew. Tasting Mate with Catrin for the first time, and time on the family farm with Yvonne Owen.  A visit to the landing at Madryn and a long drive to Trevelin and the Andes with nadine.  The poplars and the weeping willows in the fall on the horizon on crossing the plains, and by the waterways.  Tea and black cake, and cooking curry for forty people with Anna Chia at Y Ty Te Plas Y Coed.  The lovely museum in the old station with Fabio, and the carving of the Welsh Slate grave stones in the Gaiman.  Drawing and sewing a tapestry map of the valley and learning Spanish words in class with the children of Ysgol yr Hendre Trelew, all have created a quilt of memorable experiences and images.