The Mill

Weaving new Welsh tapestry wool blankets on traditional looms steeped in history and skills. The last of an indigenous Welsh craft as iconic to Wales as tartan is to Scotland, continuing and building on this tradition.

Studied and trained at The Royal College of Art and at Paradise Mill, Macclesfield on Jacquard design, learning the weaving of fine figurative fabrics an old historical hand looms. The current collection of fabrics and blankets are now woven and designed on a modern computerised loom.

The computerised loom had allowed new ideas and designs for commissions and briefs to be explored and developed freely in pattern, images and colours from research drawings through to the woven fabric.


The Commemorative Tapestry

The centre piece of the project is the weaving of 'The Commemorative Tapestry' to commemorate the hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the community in Patagonia. Reviving a lost tradition of weaving commemorative tapestries on the old Jaquard blanket loom as was produced at Pwllheli and Trefriw for the coronation of The Prince of Wales. The intention is to present one of the new Tapestries to the communities in Trelew, Esquel, Port Madryn as well as The Senedd and The National Museum of Wales.

The old Jaquard blanket loom was weaving last at Trefriw woollen mills by Cefyn in 1992, restored to working order with an award by The Worshipful Company of Weavers before its moved to the National Wool Museum for safe keeing. This loom has played an important part in our unique history and in the tradition of weaving in Wales. Returning to weave new commemorative Tapestries for this important occasion on the old loom again after more than 20 years, using ideas and images from the research gathered on the visit would be an inspiring challenge and a great oppertunity to revive this unique craft of weaving.